Our Quality Policy

Kalite Sistem SertifikamızThe importance of industrial material testing is indisputable. Directing production, quality control as the most important factor in helping to bring out the material in the desired accuracy and sensitivity of the test depends on the realization. Our laboratory test at this stage as ozpercin the quality and accuracy of devices and equipment by keeping a foreground service also good quality to our esteemed clients we do our best to provide you with.

The numerical results obtained in the tests performed in the laboratory test reports and organized accordingly, and build a large pile of information is increasing day by day. The staff who worked in the lab test and reports this information to the introduction of a greater time and effort in the creation of regulation is spent.

The material in the computer environment and the results of the test reporting to be done on the computer, and the resulting reports, which evaluates the laboratory personnel to management positions, sometimes you offers numerous amenities for customers.