Ozpercin Bolts and Rivets Industry

Özperçin Bolts and Rivets Industry; Innovations was established in 1972 by signing and always quality and PR studies along with customer satisfaction has strived.

The focal point of the industry and the sector in Istanbul Bayrampaşa which is in a closed area of 1000 square meters, combining experience and technology, manufacturing standard and special diameters between 3-11 with its expert staff ozpercin high strength fasteners, cold forging technology manufactures.

The need for raw materials all phases, except for strong manufacturing ozpercin performs at the track.

A large part of the production of office furniture, automotive, white goods, Bicycles, buggies, and providing services to this sector of the industry. Also according to customer's requirements custom bolts, rivets, etc. (Stainless, copper, aluminum and iron materials) to manufacture all fasteners are meticulously carried out.

Özperçin, today the location where the customer and to meet their expectations, which is always their researches, and customer satisfaction owes to the work.

Our goal is to bring our quality line of Özperçin Bolts and Rivets Industry while maintaining a very prominent location. Every innovation brought this technology by applying the main idea of having a voice in this industry.